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US-Aufenthalts-, Einwanderungs-, und Staatsangehörigkeits- recht

Die Prozesse der USA für die Erlangung eines Arbeitsvisums, einer Aufenthaltsgenehmigung oder einer Greencard sind oft undurchsichtig, komplex und willkürlich. Ein Attorney-at-Law kann Ihnen aber helfen:

• das richtige Visum für Ihr US-Vorhaben zu wählen,
•Fehler bei dem Visuminterview oder der US-Einreise oder während des US-Aufenthalts zu vermeiden, und
• einen Antrag zu stellen, der beste Chancen hat, genehmigt zu werden.

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U.S. Immigration Law

The U.S. processes for obtaining a work visa or a Green Card are often opaque, complex, and unpredictable. However, an Attorney-at-Law can help you:

• choose the right visa for your U.S. endeavor,
• avoid mistakes during the visa interview, when seeking entry at the U.S. border or while working in the U.S., and
• file an application that has the best chance of being approved.

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U.S. Tax Law

When planning a temporary stay in the U.S., sending employees to the U.S., forming a U.S. company, or expanding U.S. operations, tax issues are inevitable. Common questions include:

• whether a U.S. tax liability exists,
• whether U.S. activities will create a permanent establishment,
• the tax consequences of selecting a particular U.S. corporate form, and
• whether U.S. withholding tax must be paid.

I am happy to assist you with these and many other tax law questions. I can also help you find a U.S. tax advisor or accountant.

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U.S. Business Law

When you start or expand a U.S. business, there are many legal matters to consider. But an experienced and reliable Attorney-at-Law can help you:

• choose the best corporate form and place of incorporation,
• check and optimize taxation, and
• prepare articles of association or limited partnership.

After you’ve set up your U.S. business, I can help you navigate various corporate law issues – from “transfer pricing” to “tax compliance” and M&A transactions.

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